Introduction :

To meet the trend of high-speed production, our R&D team, after re-calculating mass and inertia, has successfully developed the fastest RSL series (2.5 sec/cycle), which still keep the same features of high rigid, excellent stability and durability as our other products.

Standard Specifications :




Suitable for Injection Molding Machine

~80 tons

~150 tons

Power Supply

AC 220V 50/60Hz 1A 10%

Air Pressure

5~7 kg/cm2

Vertical Stroke

450mm Max.

600mm Max.

Kick Stroke

100mm Max.

100mm Max.

Swing Angle

50o~ 90o Max.


2kg Max.

Air Consumption

8 l /c

9 l /c

Take Out Time

0.2 sec.

0.3 sec.

Cycle Time

2.5 sec.

2.6 sec.

Machine Weight

30.5 kgs

31 kgs

@ @

High Stability
High Durability
High Performance
Easy Operation



*Remark : The number inside the brackets is the size of model RSL-45.